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The Committee

      The idea for creation of a Lehigh County Log Cabin Trail was presented in an Opinion piece written by ornithologist and author Donald S. Heintzelman of Zionsville, and published on May 28, 2007 in The Morning Call.
      Since then, a Lehigh County Log Cabin Trail Committee was established. It consists of representatives from six local historical societies, plus a few additional people with expert knowledge about log buildings in Lehigh County and beyond. Eventually all local historical societies in Lehigh County, as well as certain other historical organizations and tourism agencies, will be invited to participate in promotion and use of the Lehigh County Log Cabin Trail.
      The committee conducted extensive field research, and carefully examined published information about all known log buildings remaining in Lehigh County. No such comprehensive information for Lehigh County existed prior to the establishment of this project. Currently, nearly 100 eighteenth and nineteenth century log buildings are known to exist throughout the county. It is from this information that the committee selected 22 buildings for inclusion on the Lehigh County Log Cabin Trail. As field research continues we hope to add some additional log buildings to the list of those known to survive to present times.

                              Lehigh County Log Cabin Trail Committee
                              November 10, 2008