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Adam Bair Log Cabin

By chris - Posted on 28 October 2008


       This cabin originally had a stone foundation and was constructed on the former Adam Bear property at the location now identified as 7872 George Road. In the 1788 Federal Tax List, this property’s characteristics were 200 acres, 2 horses, and 2 cattle. In 1789, this structure was identified as a one-story 28 feet x 22 feet log house.

      The building was relocated in about 1977 directly beside of the Weisenberg Township building by the Northwestern Lehigh Jaycees from the George Road property to the Weisenberg Township property. During that move and reconstruction, very drastic modifications were made from the building’s earliest known version (a photograph). The current structure does not have a basement and is not nearly as high as the original building. Some of the original logs were badly deteriorated and discarded. Only good logs were utilized in the reconstruction. In the original version there was also wood chinking between the logs, but the current rebuilt version lacks that wood chinking. In addition, the original six-over-six windows on the original version are not present on the current building. Curiously, neither the original cabin nor the version now on the Log Cabin Trail, had a chimney. Therefore, we do not know how it was heated.

      Access: The building is located at 2175 Seipstown Road. Fogelsville, PA. From the previous building, return to Claussville Road, turn right, go a short distance and turn left onto Short Road. Continue 0.1 mile to Seipstown Road, turn left and continue for 0.4 miles to the Weisenberg Township building on the left. Park and walk to the log cabin beside the township building.

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