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Schubert-Graber Log Cabin

By chris - Posted on 28 October 2008


      The Schubert-Graber log cabin, along Power Valley Road, is thought to be the oldest building in Upper Milford Township. It is one of several remaining log buildings in the township. It is unique, however, because it is built on a stone foundation that’s dug into a hillside like a Pennsylvania “bank” barn. A mortar analysis indicates that the four walls were not built at the same time, but were built using various percentages of fine clay, lime, straw, wood shavings and crushed anthracite coal.
      Unlike most other log cabins whose horizontal logs are stabilized by “V” notches in the corners, this building has a mortised vertical post in each corner. The horizontal logs have tenons which are fitted into the pockets and secured with a dowel driven through the mortise and tenon joint. Another unusual feature is the lack of evidence of either a stairway from the ground floor to the first floor, or a fireplace or chimney. Without heat or cooking facilities, this building may have been used for Schubert businesses which included a cooperage and later a wool business. The Hivel und Dahl (Hill and Dale) Preservation Society, Inc. is attempting to stabilize and preserve the structure. Contact the Hivel und Dahl (Hill and Dale) Preservation Society, Inc. (PO Box 416, Zionsville, PA 18068) for further details. This is a drive-by site. No parking is available.

      Access: From the previous building return to, and then turn left onto, Powder Valley Road. Continue ahead for 0.6 mile to the Schubert-Graber Log Cabin (currently needing major restoration work) on the right. Please do not park on private property near the log cabin.

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