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Bibliographies (and indices) are important and useful research tools for students, scholars, and others interested in specific topics such as log cabins. They allow interested people to quickly determine what books and magazine/journal articles are published about a topic, and where the information appears. One can then look for academic and/or public libraries containing these information sources and arrange (sometimes via inter-library loan) to examine and read the relevant information.

The Shelter House Society

The annual publication of The Shelter House Society is titled The Hearthstone and was published for the first time in 1953. Please read retired Judge John E. Backenstoe’s informative introduction to the Index (the Index also serves as a useful bibliography) for this publication (current through 2004). The introduction and complete index are available here as a pdf file. A few additional articles published in The Hearthstone also are provided here. A complete set of The Hearthstone is available for public use in the Emmaus Public Library. Photocopy facilities are also available in that library.

The Hearthstone contains many articles pertaining to the Shelter House as well as a wide assortment of other topics of interest to people interested in local history. All of these articles are included in Judge Backenstoe’s index.

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Lynn-Heidelberg Historical Society Newsletter Index

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