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Fort Everett

By chris - Posted on 28 October 2008


      This fort and its stockade wall, now (but not originally) adjacent to the Zeisloff Log House, is rebuilt with the intent of simulating the approximate appearance of the original fort that was located near the former American frontier along the base of the Blue Mountain or Kittatinny Ridge in colonial times. The fort was one of a series that were built during the period 1753-1758 along the south and north bases of the Blue Mountain (Kittatinny Ridge) between the Delaware River and the Susquehanna River. Benjamin Franklin was charged with the task of having the fortifications built, and he visited and inspected them. It took Franklin’s men approximately seven days to build the original fort.
      The idea for reconstruction of Fort Everett began early in the 1960s when Boy Scout Troop 29 from New Tripoli constructed a replica of the fort and its stockade on a flatbed trailer for use in parades. Finally, in May 2006, after years of effort and fundraising, the reconstructed Fort Everett blockhouse was completed.

      Access: The Zeisloff Log House and Fort Everett are located beside each other in Ontelaunee Park.

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