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Stanley Log House

By chris - Posted on 28 October 2008


      This two story log house apparently predates the American Revolution. It is located near what once was the American frontier along the base of the Blue Mountain (Kittatinny Ridge) in Lynn Township. There was a central fireplace, and there is a Salen Fenster, or soul window, in the back of the building. Curiously, there is no back door which is unusual for a Germanic log building of this age and style (compare this building with the nearby Zeisloff Log House in Ontelaunee Park which has a back door, and a soul window on the front of the building). This is a drive-by site.
      The nearby Class II Standard Pennsylvania Barn is unusual in having only one end wall extended forward to help support the forebay.

      Access: 7593 Kings Highway (Route 143), New Tripoli, PA. From the previous buildings, leave Ontelaunee Park, turn left onto Rt. 143 and drive 1.2 miles to view this drive-by building on your right set back somewhat from the highway.

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