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Lynford Lardner Log Cabin

By chris - Posted on 28 October 2008


       Located in Trexler Park in west end of Allentown, the story-and-a-half Lynford Lardner log cabin was used in the early twentieth century by General Harry C. Trexler, a major local philanthropist, as a summer retreat on his Springhouse Farm (now Trexler Park). The General built substantial additions to the log structure but, in 1952, they were removed to restore the log building to its current, more historic appearance. The cabin has board-and-batten siding on the upper gable ends, early nine light (glass pane) sashes on the rear of the building, but six light sashes on the gable ends. The cabin is constructed over a spring which supplied drinking water to building’s occupants. You may walk around the building and photograph its exterior, but it is not possible to go inside.

      Access: In Trexler Park, Allentown, PA. From the previous building turn left onto Route 222 (Hamilton Blvd.) and return for 2.0 miles to Cedar Crest Blvd. in Allentown. Look for the King George Inn at this intersection. Turn left onto Cedar Crest Blvd. and continue for 0.6 mile north to the traffic light at Broadway. Turn left onto Broadway and continue for 0.1 mile to the traffic light at Springhouse Road. Turn right and continue for 0.2 mile to the entrance to Trexler Park on the right. Enter and park, then walk left on the park’s loop road about a quarter mile to the Lynford Lardner Log Cabin.

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