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PBS Television

      The Lehigh County Log Cabin Trail Committee is very pleased that WLVT-TV PBS 39 (Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton) broadcast a five minute segment (Show #512) about the Lehigh County Log Cabin Trail on October 29, 2007 as part of its popular Tempo program. That complete segment can be viewed here by clicking above.

      Producing a television feature, even one lasting only five minutes, required a great deal of hard work in the field followed by additional script writing and editing time in the television studio. The segment was produced by Erin Flynn along with her photographer Matt Villano and their intern Drew Szabo. Therefore, it is interesting and informative to look a little closer at some of the field activities involved in the preparation of this video segment.
      The following photographs were taken on October 12, 2007 as the PBS 39 camera crew and producer visited various sections of Lehigh County, videotaped four of the log buildings included on the log cabin trail—the Shelter House, Bortz Log House, and Fort Everett and the Zeisloff Log House—and interviewed various persons involved with these buildings and/or the log cabin trail project.

The Shelter House

Bortz Log House

Fort Everett and Zeisloff Log House