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Return to Central Route

      The Lehigh County Log Cabin Trail now returns to the Central Section for visits to the final three log buildings on the trail—the Milot Log House and Adam Bear Log Cabin in Weisenberg Township, and the Kline Log Cabin near Breinigsville.

Milot Log House

The Milot Log House is a story-and-a-half bank building. There is (in 2008) some insect and rot damage on some of the logs (see section on this website for information pertaining to restoration, preservation, and maintenance of log buildings). This is a drive-by site.

Adam Bair Log Cabin

       This cabin originally had a stone foundation and was constructed on the former Adam Bear property at the location now identified as 7872 George Road. In the 1788 Federal Tax List, this property’s characteristics were 200 acres, 2 horses, and 2 cattle. In 1789, this structure was identified as a one-story 28 feet x 22 feet log house.

Kline Log Cabin

       This log cabin was a utility building in poor condition, originally located on the Kline farm between Shimerville and Vera Cruz in Upper Milford Township. It is an example of a log structure being relocated which saved it from complete loss. It 1989, it was moved to its current Weisenberg Township location by Richard L. Weiss. The building, however, is now drastically modified from its earliest known version. The original interior had a stone fireplace and blacksmith forge in one corner of the cabin, and there was a ground floor. The original cabin also did not have an overshoot.